The Consciousness Compass

JUNE 2020

Welcome to The Consciousness Compass This new resource from Instituto Xilonen was created to accelerate your ability to live consciously by inspiring your inner explorer. In each issue, you will find a variety of tools and thought-provoking content specifically curated for the energies of the month. The Consciousness Compass was conceived while our team was pondering the deeper meaning of "stay-at-home," looking at what it means to be solidly "at home" within our body, mind, and soul. Our work has always been guided by the wisdom and power of IX's high-frequency Crystals. The Crystals have led us to a beautiful variety of resources that we use both individually and as a team for nourishment and expansion. We are grateful to have this opportunity to share them with you. It is our deepest hope that you feel well supported and equipped for your spiritual journey of growth. We are here with you and for you. With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


Self-Confidence is a component of our wellbeing, that is earned and developed by our ability to rely upon ourselves. Incorporating this energy of self-confidence is profoundly important to many aspects of our lives. The role of trust in life plays so heavily in the arena of developing our self-worth, therefore self-trust is crucial to hold self-esteem and self-love. Because without trust, what value would there be in looking deeper into ourselves? What value can there even be if we cannot trust?

Many of us have been socialized to suppress or ignore feelings of anger, guilt, sadness and indignation. Often times when we do allow ourselves to feel these emotions, we do so in haste eagerly seeking to return what we believe to be a state of equilibrium and balance. When we expeditiously remove all traces of transitional emotions from our beings, we miss the opportunity to harness these great energy generators for real change. It would be wise to slow down and get curious when we find ourselves overcome by feelings of anger, sadness, guilt and indignation.  At these moments, we can ask ourselves the following questions:

 What limiting beliefs do I need to release in order to grow? What actions can I take to fundamentally address the situation that triggered these transitional feelings? How can I tap into this energy to expand my consciousness and create a better world for all? 

 In order to sustain change we must replace the undesired present with a desired future. Tap into this power of transitional emotions to release limiting beliefs and to grow.



The Turquoise Frequency is the point of balance between Emerald and Blue. It is a transit energy like the Gold frequency which leads from Orange to Yellow. The Turquoise frequency is the color of pacification. It unwinds all aspects of the personality that build tension in the individual to create an impression of existing.

The inductive image of this frequency is a South Sea lagoon, turquoise water and a beach of sand edged with coconut palms.

The Turquoise Frequency leads the way to other dimensions. It enables us to become aware of the myriad fields of reality without having compared these perceptions of belief to thought systems we already have. It is a frequency that makes us receptive and open-minded about the unknown.  It helps us discover new sensations without having to try and relate them to known experiences.

“If we really want to get the benefit of Color perception, we must allow new information to enter our minds as it stands and make its own way.

From the book: “Color Perfumes, Perfumes for Health” by Daniel Briez

Daniel Briez, author and lecturer, is the founder of the Colour Institute.  He runs many chrome therapy courses in France and other countries. Designer of the Althearah brand of “Colour Perfumes” his research has attracted the interest of scientists and members of the medical and health care professions and has gained an international audience.


TERRA refers to the Latin meaning for the Earth, which is the element where all Crystals are related, as they all come from it. The tremendous range of energy carried by the Mineral Kingdom clearly reflects the range of energies present in Nature. TERRA invites us to understand the holistic interactions of all energies available to us and to work in our artistry of balancing them.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The spirit of emotions to work with during this time are those that have an impediment for wellbeing, like our worries and doubts. Remembering that every being acts like a cell within our system, every individual’s consciousness consists of an electromagnetic energy (light) that surrounds and permeates our bodies. The importance of TERRA’s message is to focus on bringing our attention to the imbalances in our life. Health is in fact a balance between these elemental forces. Our ancestors knew the value of this dynamic balance. We spend our lives immersed in the energies of these Earthly forces and we honor them for their life-giving properties.

It is time to bring healing with consciousness to all consciousness. We restore a state of balance by moving back into harmony with the elements of nature. TERRA will hold the command of bringing into balance the full range of dynamic frequencies available to us through moving back into a harmonic vibration. The Mineral Kingdom acts as an electromagnetic distribution system for the Earth. At the Institute, we bring together minerals that are “electrical” in nature such as Quartz. TERRA will act as a regulator to keep the vibration equate to spiritual awakening.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Message from TERRA

True power is being both able and willing to choose and decide, responding to our true emotions and thoughts. Once we surrender to the attitude which we are facing, we are able to listen and understand any discernment. Always act with a conscious belief, within your creativity generate perception and remember to be aware of your impact. We have an impact both on each other and upon ourselves. By co-creating with the elements, we can create a synergy of aliveness, as the whole of all consciousness is greater than that of the individual self.


This month, the Sun pitches his radiant tent in Gemini, the sign of mind, inspiring us to choose a positive mental focus and stick to it. This month, we focus on self confidence as our empowering mental touchstone. Using the available planetary energies, we consciously cultivate mental, physical and spiritual practices that build a solid foundation of self confidence within us.

We can also call upon the gorgeous grounding power of Terra, a gorgeous legacy crystal at IX whose nurturing energy inspires us to be embodied, grounded centers of beauty, power and self possession, as we build our self confidence.

The Heavens are calling us into beautiful reflection in June. The month begins with the Sun traveling with Venus retrograde, through winged Gemini, the sign of intelligent swift thought. Our quick thinking is slowed by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, embodiment and treasured values, traveling backward through the sign of the twins, inviting us into a heart centered reflection, and return to what we love and value most. Venus will station direct on June 25th, inviting us to slowly begin to act on the insights gleaned during the retrograde.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th, spotlights our belief systems. Eclipses always illuminate what has been lurking in the shadows. This Full Moon is a perfect time to take note of beliefs based on falsehoods that disempower us or undermine our confidence. It’s a stellar Full Moon to build confidence by committing to the truth of our sacredness, worthiness, and Divine right to peace, plenty and fulfillment.

Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, begins the month traveling through soulful Cancer, inspiring us to develop our emotional intelligence. A week before Venus stations direct, Mercury the planet of thought and communication will station retrograde in Cancer on June 18th, inviting us to review our feelings, needs and emotional patterns, along with issues regarding home, family and ancestry. It’s a beautiful time to consult with our feelings, and the needs that they point to through July 12th when Mercury stations direct in the sign of the crab. As we become truly present to our needs and feelings we build the confidence that we can withstand them, and wisely begin to attend to them.

Echoing the theme of embodiment and intuition as a means of developing confidence, Uranus the planet of the higher mind is traveling through earthy Taurus, awakening us to the development of true intuition which requires a conscious connection to our bodies, senses and the subtle sensations that convey intuitive guidance to us. It’s a beautiful month to develop interior hearing, by listening for the Guidance of the Teacher within.

Our self confidence grows as we learn to stand our sacred ground within ourselves and be mindful of the feelings, inner guidance and sensations that convey themselves to us through the body as a sacred instrument. Being grounded within ourselves and developing our intuition, creates confidence that our bodies are linked to a Divine Guidance System. We must first be embodied and present to learn and make use of it.

These skills will be helpful in the lead up to the powerful New Moon/ Solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21st, the day after the summer solstice on June 20th, the longest day and shortest night of the year, when the Sun enters Cancer and summer officially begins. These two day are extremely potent, inspiring powerful revelations that lead to new beginnings. We are invited to go within and see what is surfacing emotionally for us, as worldly revelations are unveiled.

In addition to Mercury and Venus going in and out of retrograde this month, Saturn in Aquarius, and Jupiter and Pluto in executive Capricorn, are all  underway in their retrograde journeys, that continue to shake the fiscal, corporate, governmental and national structures of the world. We are in the midst of a titanic review, restructuring and transformation that will result in new systems and structures ultimately emerging. With so much epic change afoot, we are called to go within, get grounded, cultivate peace, stillness and intuition to guide us confidently through the necessary changes ahead.

Demitra Vassiliadis, Heaven to Earth Astrology



The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra. It is the center of our identity that connects us with spirit and it is located just before the upper chakras of the head at the neck. The Throat Chakra is driven by our expression and communication. This chakra is mostly represented with the color blue turquoise or aquamarine and is related to the element of water.

Without self-confidence we block our authenticity of expression of truth and therefore creativity stagnates to achieve our life purpose. It is the instrument of our body that gives voice and confidence is a pivotal point of trusting others to speak. Any insecurities in our trust will eventually override our communication by either silencing us or becoming inappropriate in our speech.


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