Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

February is traditionally the month we celebrate love. This year we extend an invitation to also love where we once felt hate.

Hate is part of life. It’s also ancestral. It’s passed down through generations and further fed through life experiences, some consciously, some unconsciously. We can feel hate toward a culture, race, gender, political affiliation, situation, or another person. Hatred can also be directed toward ourselves, making self-love an important first step.

When we examine where hate exists in us and move into reconciliation and forgiveness, we open the opportunity for love. This is where our authentic self shines. So let’s take a courageous dive into hate to open up our light. The Crystal energies of rose quartz, smoky quartz, and our beloved Amani, featured below, are here to help.

It is our deepest hope that this month’s Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your journey of growth to align your body, mind, and spirit. We are here with you, and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


Amani is a unique Crystal comprised of quartz and green tourmaline forged together into one magnificent piece. She is an agent of change with the raw power necessary to break through emotional resistance and unify through love.

Some can see Amani’s mission right away; others may need some time. Amani’s beauty is in her contrasts. She invites us to be curious and expand beyond habitual beliefs. Viewed from one side, Amani extends a welcoming bench, a place to see her softness, sit and rest in love. On the opposite side, Amani holds the strength of a plow. She embraces resistance, knowing that liberation cannot occur without a breakthrough.

The quartz in Amani represents fortitude, power, gentleness, forgiveness, and understanding. The green tourmaline connects us to our heart. Its jumbled, jagged cluster reminds us that love can also be messy, complicated, challenging, and even frightening at times. Together, these two forces create inclusive strength and infinite love.

Message from Amani
I am strength. I am pure love. Rest in my love. I dissolve resistance.


Feeling love can align your body, mind, and spirit. Crystals can help amplify that connection by raising our vibrations.



Hatred is a combination of hurt, anger, fear, and a sense of powerlessness. We all feel hatred at some point – it’s a natural human emotion. It only becomes a problem when the energy behind the hate isn’t safely processed and released.

Like water coming down a mountainside, energy wants to flow. When emotions get stuffed, bottled up, or blocked, they find another way to be expressed. On the physical level, blocked energy is often behind chronic health issues, such as heart disease and auto-immune disorders. Spiritually, stuck emotions keep us from the deep peace we seek. And mentally, walled-off emotions such as anger and hatred can turn into rage, anxiety, depression, and more.

One of the tragedies of unprocessed anger and hate is that we can lose our sense of self and consciously, or unconsciously, become self-identified as a victim. When we identify as a victim, we block the flow of love. It also keeps us from seeing the big picture and finding the healing we crave.

Hatred toward ourselves, or toward others, is energy that is asking to be explored. Working with a therapist or guide is incredibly helpful when it comes to these deep emotions. But, there are some things we can do to begin the process of exploration on our own. Here are a few examples.


Grab paper and pen, or your computer. Pick a thought that’s been troubling you, or start with a prompt such as, I’m feeling angry today because, or I hate this about myself. Then write down whatever comes up. You are writing for your eyes only. Trust what you hear and move it into words. Keep writing for five minutes or more asking, What else wants to be said?   If you get stuck and think there’s nothing more, ask yourself, If I did know, what would I say? There is no judgment, just expression. You can shred, burn or delete your writing when done if you so desire. The point is to free up and transform the energy so that it may return to a state of flow.

Draw, Doodle, Create

Do the same exercise as above, only draw, doodle, make a collage, or create in whatever way calls you. Again, the goal is to get blocked energy moving with your intention and action. Think of it as free-writing with images.

Engage the Power of Crystals

Crystals are known as physical manifestations of Mother Earth’s love. They can be powerful companions on a healing journey. Hold one in your hand while meditating or doing one of the exercises above. Here are two Crystals that we recommend for this type of deep emotional healing.

  • Smoky Quartz is known for its ability to ground and transmute energies. Smokys are great for helping us get present and put fear aside so we can manifest the courage needed for self-reflection and change.
  • Rose quartz is a stellar companion when seeking support and forgiveness. Intense emotions such as anger and hate carry deep wounds. When released, tender self-care becomes an important part of the healing process. Rose quartz is known for its ability to heal the heart with beautiful expressions of love.

The power of these exercises is in their simplicity. You are in control. Think of how wonderful it feels to open a window to a warm breeze after a long, dark winter. This is what we are doing when we release hate and anger so that love can take its place. Remember, love is the force that defines us as human beings. It wants to be shared, to be in motion, so that together we can accelerate conscious living on the planet.

By Beth Larsen



February begins with the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and as of February 1st, lovely Venus gliding through the friendly skies of Aquarius, as Mercury, the planet of thought, begins his backward glide through the later degrees of the sign of the water bearer. This is a fairly massive lineup in Aquarius, the sign of liberty, equality and humanity, the sign that holds the greatest promise for our collective liberation and elevation.

It has always struck me as strange that Valentine’s Day, a holiday that honors erotic Love, is celebrated during the month that astrologically honors brotherly, sisterly and humanitarian Love. Perhaps though, as we stand at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, the rosy red hearts and flowers are rightly intended to pave the way for a Love that can truly conquer all that has ever divided us. Here at IX, as this historic line up in Aquarius calls us to reach up to new heights of consciousness, we have chosen to honor the power of Love this month, and especially the power to Love where once we hated.

This is a tall order, but Love is equal to the task, and stands at the ready to answer so beautiful a call. We have tremendous planetary support this month in committing to our loving focus, as Saturn, and Jupiter are expanding our true commitment to each other, while Mercury travels retrograde to join them in a massive reconsideration of just who we are as a species, and who we are meant to be to one another. On February 1st, lovely Venus joins them in Aquarius to remind us that Love is also here, reporting for duty, and will be on hand to lift us to entirely new frequencies where hate, and the fear that inspires it cannot survive.

Pluto the transformer is also on hand from our depths to help remind us that most hatred is projected self-hatred, and as we learn to accept, forgive and Love ourselves, we become much more able to accept, forgive and Love our fellows for all wrongs real or imagined.

By mid-month Venus will be traveling within a degree of mighty Jupiter and Mercury retrograde, inspiring an epic opportunity to reverse course, and rethink our views of our fellow humans with Higher Love as the massive guiding principle. This energy will be especially strong on February 11th when the New Moon joins the lineup in Aquarius, and initiates a new lunar cycle that is calling us to reverse feelings and opinions, as guided by massive, mighty invincible Love.

The Aquarius planets remind us that despite any apparent differences, way deep down we are much the same, and all yearn to belong, to be accepted, to be forgiven and to be loved. It is a beautiful month to extend these qualities to ourselves, then extend them Universally, especially to those we dislike or in fact hate.

Mars the planet of energy and desire is traveling through earthy Taurus this month, as is Uranus the planet of liberation and elevation, calling us to get grounded and embody the Sacred Love that seeks to manifest through us. From the 11th through the 15th is a fantastic window to work with crystals to elevate, receive and become a transmitting beacon of redemptive Higher Love!

A teaching from The Course in Miracles states: “The holiest place on earth, is where an ancient hatred, becomes a present Love.”

This month may we each become that Holy Place.

With Love,

Demitra Vassiliadis, Heaven To Earth Astrology


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