Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

This month we are feeling a sense of urgency. World events of all types are calling us to expand consciousness at an accelerated rate. It is time to deepen our practice and our action.

As the Autumn Equinox quickly approaches, we must choose the seeds we want to plant now, so they can begin to develop and take root before the ground hardens for the winter ahead.

In this Compass, we focus on planting the seeds of love and kindness – two powerful forces that the world desperately needs. Seeds are intentions. We plant, nurture, and bring them to life through our words, thoughts, and actions. Crystals are powerful allies for this process, amplifying our work and giving us the support needed to stay the course. Let us join our Crystals and our hearts and do this together.

It is our greatest hope that this month’s Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your body, mind, and spirit on your journey of growth. We are here, with you and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


About the Name
Ama means “born on a Saturday.” Its origin is the Akan people of Ghana, who named their children for the deity associated with the weekday of the child’s birth. Females named Ama are known to be wise, talented, and adept at solving problems.

About this Crystal
Ama is a brilliant Clear Quartz cluster with Hematite.

Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful Crystals, often known as the “stone of light” bringing the energy of the stars to the soul. As a dynamic amplifier, Clear Quartz can help us clarify and strengthen our connection to the Divine, heighten spiritual awareness and growth, and integrate the physical with the spiritual.

Hematite is the heaviest mineral, acting as an energetic grounding anchor. With Hematite’s calm support, we can release racing thoughts, sharpen focus and concentration, and access the higher learning that comes with spiritual wisdom.

Ama is a cluster Crystal, which is a collection of many points of light. In Ama, the grounded root chakra energy of the Hematite harmonizes with the spiritual expansion crown chakra qualities of Clear Quartz. Together they help us find balance and flow while reminding us of our unique natures and interconnectedness on Mother Earth.

Message from Ama
“I am Ama. See the delicacy of me, of my creation. See how strong and yet how fragile I am. We are all this way. Even the toughest and sturdiest of us is fragile in some way. I ask you to see my beauty. Feel my kindness. Feel my desire to reach into and extract your kindness.

“This earth plane is experiencing turbulent times. Like the ocean’s moods and storms, calmness will come again. The Divine Mother is asking us to remember all of her seasons. As you look at me, see that I carry so many different levels of growth and expansion. That is you. Notice and nurture the parts in you that need gentleness and expansion. Notice and appreciate in others where they need help and expansion. Support the positive growth in yourself and also in others. Together we are strong and sturdy. Together we can allow our gentleness to come to the surface and to the light. Together we become a strong ONE. Feel this when you look at me, hold me and experience me.”

Affirmations from Ama
“I nurture the parts in me and others that need gentleness and expansion.”
“Together we allow our gentleness to come into the light.”
“Together we become strong.”


To plant the seeds of love and kindness, we must begin from within. Crystals can help us clarify, amplify, and stabilize this work.


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How do we plant the seeds of love and kindness? Begin with an intention.

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By Demitra Vassiliadis

The month begins with the Sun and Mars cruising through pristine Virgo, the sign of analytical intelligence, organic farming, and the healing properties of plants, providing us with plenty of energy to devote to the practical details that support health, happiness, and success. Meanwhile, Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is traveling with Venus through lovely Libra, the sign of beauty, balance, and love, where he will retrograde late in the month.

Therefore, we at IX are choosing to focus on using Virgo’s legendary discernment to select and plant new seeds of love and kindness this month as we continue our healing journey.

August invited us to travel through the pathways of our hearts, clearing old heartache and retrieving authentic desires. Now, as the Sun travels through the sign of the consummate healer of the zodiac, we are called to heal our relationship to love, even as we carefully choose to plant new seeds of love and devotion that will begin to sprout this month and in the weeks and months to come.

We still have five planets traveling retrograde this month, including Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus keeping our focus inward, where all healing begins, and backward where repairs and reviews may be calling us to discern where adjustments and course corrections are needed.

The New Moon in Virgo on September 7th calls us into a new vision for simplifying our lives as we explore all forms of mental, physical, and environmental healing. While we may not have the full picture to set clear intention for our visions, it is the perfect time to plant new seeds to clarify our vision and plant seeds of love, kindness, fairness, and devotion to inform all of our relationships, beginning with ourself!

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th travels with spiritual, visionary Neptune, calling us to review the dreams that are sprouting, or that we are preparing organic soil for. The Virgo Sun asks us to see that all we are dreaming up is ultimately viable, as well as healthy and aligned with the Divine Vision for us. The Virgo Sun is traveling with Mars in Libra on this Full Moon, and will illuminate true desire for love and where adjustments are needed within relationships in order to balance them.

On the 27th, Mercury will station retrograde in Libra, calling us to reflect on partnerships and revisit the dynamics and logistics of personal, professional, and romantic relationships. It’s a wonderful month to revisit big themes of relationships past and present even as we reflect on the beautiful, reciprocal dynamics we desire going forward. Planting seeds of loving kindness as a way of life will assure us a beautiful harvest in all our relationships . . . or as a sign I once saw read: “You will never regret being kind.”

With Loving Kindness to All,

Demitra Vassiliadis
Heaven To Earth Astrology


Use this 13-minute Loving Kindness Meditation to help develop mindfulness and compassion for yourself and others.


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