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The theme for this month's Consciousness Compass is self-esteem because how we feel about ourselves truly shapes our life. All of us can point to situations that have left us feeling "less than." It is what we do with these situations that can help shift our self-esteem to the positive. In my life, I've found that my self-esteem is closely tied to my connection to Spirit. The more connected and conscious I become, the more I can see the challenging situations in my life through a lens of reflection and empowerment. As this summer of transformation continues, let's take advantage of the energy to create change, healing, and growth. We have an opportunity to pause and reflect even more deeply and release the thought patterns that no longer contribute to our highest well-being. As we do, we create a new version of ourselves, with more awakened consciousness as individuals and the collective. It is our deepest hope that you feel well supported and equipped for your spiritual journey of growth. We are here with you and for you.

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In its essence, self-esteem is defined as how highly we value ourselves. It presents as how we think and feel about ourselves, and is a useful tool in exploring our consciousness.

In childhood, our self-esteem is deeply influenced by our parental figures. Parents choose which behaviors to reward or punish and as children, we build our self-esteem based on parental approval.

As we enter adulthood, many of us continue to seek approval from others as a way of maintaining and boosting our self-esteem. If we do not take the time to discover the individual qualities that bring value and meaning to our life, we find ourselves stuck. The more we seek approval from others, the more easily we spiral into anxiety and pessimism. This is because self-esteem is an inside job. Self-esteem provides a way for you to figure out where you belong in the world. It is a compass to the inner workings of your soul’s purpose on earth.

In order to ensure that your actions are aligned with a high sense of self-esteem, take time to ask yourself: are you engaging in this action to receive approval from others? Or because it is authentic to who you are as a human being?

As we turn the search for self-esteem within, we shift our awareness to the vitality of our own creativity and connect to pure joy. New horizons become the guideposts to an empowered voice and an understanding that we have the wisdom needed to navigate through troubling times. It is time to accept who we are, who we want to become, and to stand strong and lean into the future.


Strengthening Self-Esteem

To strengthen self-esteem, it is helpful to work with the emotions of fear, pessimism, and anxiety. These are often called safety emotions because we tend to use them as default mechanisms to protect us and our sense of self-worth when we feel afraid, threatened, or triggered.

Remember, our current emotional state is not indicative of where we are on our journey of self-discovery. All emotional states can be tools for self-expansion. The key is to pause and bring awareness to what we are feeling. This recognition creates an opportunity to turn our reaction into something more constructive.

When feelings of fear, pessimism, or anxiety come up, do take the time to think about your safety and reassess your plans as objectively as possible. But remember, the feelings themselves are temporary.

Sometimes when we are about to take off and soar, fear or pessimism can creep in stopping flight and thwarting forward movement. When this happens, ask yourself: What more could I do to ensure the outcome I desire?

A sense of anxiety can be an invitation to ask: Have I become so concerned with achieving a particular result that I am no longer confident in my ability to deal with a different, possibly even better outcome?

Safety emotions are meant to protect us. But they can also overwhelm us at a time when we are positioned to make great steps forward on our journey of self-growth. Everything might be just fine. So get curious and see what the moment can teach you. Recognize that bouts of fear, pessimism, and anxiety can be just as helpful as periods of optimism if used as tools for personal growth.


Yellow is associated with the third chakra and how we express our will and our feelings.

In the book, Color Perfumes, Perfumes for Health, author Daniel Briez explains that the frequency of the color yellow is related to masculine energy, and specifically the father aspects of authority. When our masculine energy is out of balance with our feminine, it can show up as being combative, aggressive, competitive or controlling.

As Daniel states, “In western civilization, most of us have too much Yellow. This is because we have brought competition into every walk of life (the most beautiful, the wealthiest, the top of the class, etc.). Too much Yellow causes egocentrism, the most common manifestation of this is someone who never listens to others, or has low self-esteem. Self judgement and personal denigration are some of the most direct consequences.”

Yellow can also be seen as our personal sun with the capacity for great healing. As Daniel explains, “The Yellow Frequency is used to restore joyfulness, a love of life and cheerfulness in depressive people who have cut themselves off from life and their environment.”

Daniel Briez, author and lecturer, is the founder of the Colour Institute. He runs many chrome therapy courses in France and other countries. Designer of the Althearah brand of “Colour Perfumes,” his research has attracted the interest of scientists, members of the medical community and health care professions, and he has gained an international audience.


Soul Treasurer

AM is a constant companion on our lifelong journey to our soul’s authentic essence.

AM is an extraordinary Citrine Master Crystal.  AM reminds us that we, too, are a unique, individualized manifestation of universal consciousness.  As Carl Sagan famously said, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff.  We are a way for the Universe to know itself.”  Through getting to know our soul’s true essence, we reconnect to our personal power, and in turn, universal consciousness. In this space, we are able to meet challenges with self-assurance rather than low-self esteem or self-doubt.

AM enhances individuality, encourages self-expression, and helps us acknowledge our gifts, skills, and abilities. Just as a rainbow eventually leads to a pot of gold, AM guides us on a journey to our soul.

When our self-esteem is low, it’s easy to become fearful, anxious, and pessimistic when challenged. We can shift our emotional state towards security, certainty, and optimism by taking time to nourish our consciousness.

AM assists by first reminding us that our awareness is aligned with the creative power of the Universe. With this knowledge, we can ground our awareness in the present moment, knowing that with a little courage and hope, we will find the wisdom needed to stand strong even in the most challenging and uncertain times.

Like a ray of warm yellow sunshine, AM helps us cultivate a positive attitude and optimistically look toward the future.

About the Name AM
AM means “to be.” It also stands for “amplitude modulation,” which has to do with how radio waves change depending upon the message that is transmitted. Within this context, AM is here to help us examine the messages we are projecting. Are they in alignment with who we truly are? Are they supportive of who we want to be? Or do they need to change?

A Message from AM
From the moment we are born, we begin to adopt the beliefs and attitudes of those around us. To become our most authentic self, we must consciously examine what is familiar, and bravely release the beliefs and attitudes that don’t reflect our most profound truth. In doing so, our consciousness is nourished and able to expand with greater clarity and ease.

Use the power of AM to re-parent yourself. Listen to the calling of your soul. Create a vision that will lift your dreams with conviction and give birth to a new you. Remember, whatever we do for ourselves, we bring to the world. As we heal and raise our self-esteem, we also contribute to the upliftment of the planet.


Leo Season

The August Sun has pitched his radiant tent in mighty Leo for his annual journey through his home sign, calling us to cultivate the courage to shine. Leo rules artists, leaders, royals, performers, celebrities, and children. Of all the Leo archetypes, it is the child that holds the key to our hearts and our capacity to shine and give our unique gifts to the world. This month at Instituto Xilonen we are harnessing the power of the Leo Sun to build the self-esteem that comes when we connect with the love and courage in our beautiful hearts that can conquer whatever stands in the way of holding ourselves in the highest esteem. As beloved children of the Universe, self-esteem is our birthright, and this month we commit to claiming our inheritance.

Leo, the sign of the heart and the spine, calls us to stand up for what we believe in, and dare to express our authentic selves fearlessly in works of art and acts of love. If something went wrong in childhood, our sense of self-worth, and our capacity to shine, might be injured. It’s a perfect month to explore the secret chambers of our hearts and any fears, doubts, and inner child wounds that might be lurking there. Learning to truly love and accept ourselves is a powerful step on the road to healing. We often seek love outside of ourselves, but this month exploring unconditional self-love and self-care can affect miraculous healing. Every relationship we have will in some way reflect the one we have with ourselves, inspiring us to attend to that relationship first.

August begins with the Leo Sun spotlighting our inner artist, inner leader, and the child within, who holds the key to our heart-centered happiness and creative expression. The month begins at the end of a growing lunar cycle that culminates with the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd that sheds light on our capacity to be free of ancestral and family patterns that may have kept us from shining and giving our unique, unrepeatable gifts to the world. The Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that liberation is a team sport. It is through friendship, community, fellowship, and community support that we can heal the child within, liberate the artist within, and release any heartache that keeps us from full radiant expression.

This month the powerful Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, the sign of the executive and the father, continues to offer the possibility of deep inner transformation as all three planets continue their retrograde journey. It’s a great month to explore how family patterns supported or thwarted our developing sense of self and creativity. It’s a great month to take back our power and creative authority from anyone we abdicated it to. It continues to be time for executive and financial restructuring as we reflect on changing goals and changing economies.

On August 4th, the day after the Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury, the planet of thought and communication leaves maternal Cancer where he retrograded last month, and joins the Sun in Leo to illuminate our creative brilliance, and our capacity to think and speak from the heart. Mercury has been helping us incubate many fertile ideas since late June. It is now time to begin to actively and joyfully express these ideas.

On August 7th, lovely Venus finally leaves quick-witted Gemini, where she retrograded in May, and wades into the nurturing waters of Cancer to remind us of all that we love in our homes, roots, ancestry and family lives. Venus in Cancer will be inspiring soulful self-care as she teaches us to love and nurture ourselves first, so we can nurture our family and friends from a place of fullness. Venus will be tending to our soul’s needs, as the Leo Sun and Mercury tend to the flame of love and passion in our hearts.

On August 15th, Uranus, the planet of higher consciousness stations retrograde in earthy Taurus, initiating months of review and reassessment of our values, possessions, (including our bodies and real estate holdings), financial plans and our relationship to the material world, the realm of our sustaining Mother Earth.

On August 18th, the New Moon begins a fertile growing cycle through Leo, inviting us to begin new creative projects and commit to living a joyful, courageous, heart-centered life. It’s a beautiful New Moon to begin projects that will require your leadership. It’s a stellar New Moon for projects involving art, self-expression, performing and directing. The Leo New Moon calls us to have fun and delight in summer recreation, reminding us that play is crucial to our well being. Luna will be shedding her nurturing protective Light on our inner children and actual children reminding us that our cubs deserve the fierce protection of a mother lion. It’s a beautiful New Moon to connect with our passion, which will give us the will and the courage to pursue it. Passion like desire is a force to be reckoned with. Connect with yours on this New Moon!

On August 19th, Mercury leaves radiant Leo and heads into Virgo to nurture our analytical discernment. On August 22nd, the Sun joins Mercury in Virgo, the sign of health, to shed light on our intelligence and desire to refine ourselves as agents of skillful service.

Till then, bask in the Leo Sun. Let yourself shine enjoying creative exploration and heartfelt self-expression. Create, perform, express. Take your inner child out to play. Unleash your inner artist. Surround yourself with orange, gold, and yellow. Dare to be who you are. You and your unique gifts are needed in this world. Dare to express your mighty, beautiful heart! Dare to shine like the gorgeous diamond you are! The world is waiting to receive the gift of your Light!

Demitra Vassiliadis, Heaven to Earth Astrology


Use this affirmation quote to connect with and amplify self-esteem in your life.

Use this affirmation to connect with and amplify self-esteem in your life.

Chakra - Solar Plexus

The solar plexus, the third chakra, is located above the navel. Represented by radiant yellow, it is our center of personal power. It represents self-esteem, self-discipline, and confidence. When we mobilize solar plexus energy, we easily engage our intellect and judgment, which gives us clarity in our decision making.

When we are rooted in a high sense of self-esteem, making choices comes easily. Solar plexus energy gives us the momentum to take action and meet challenges with self-assurance. When this chakra is open and flowing, we have the drive and vitality to live the life we want.


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This month’s five-minute meditation is a gift for your imagination. We have combined stunning images of our Citrine Crystals with music and affirmations to inspire your self-esteem to rise.



We created the IX Private Session to ensure that you and your Crystal are a perfect match.



Vianney Bringas is the Resident Crystal Metaphysician of Instituto Xilonen. From the time the Crystals arrive at Instituto Xilonen, Vianney is charged with their proper handling, programming and safekeeping. She designs rituals and conducts workshops on their use and care. She aims to share her extensive knowledge of spiritual practices with Instituto Xilonen’s clients, crafting individualized programs that will help each client achieve their own unique higher consciousness. Learn how to create your own healing Crystal grid with Resident Crystal Metaphysician, Vianney.

Vianney Bringas is the Resident Crystal Metaphysician of Instituto Xilonen. From the time the Crystals arrive at Instituto Xilonen, Vianney is charged with their proper handling, programming and safekeeping. She designs rituals and conducts workshops on their use and care. She aims to share her extensive knowledge of spiritual practices with Instituto Xilonen’s clients, crafting individualized programs that will help each client achieve their own unique higher consciousness. Learn how to create your own healing Crystal grid with Resident Crystal Metaphysician, Vianney.