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November is the month of gratitude. From the fall harvest to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, the bounties of the season shift our focus inward to fill our hearts. Our theme this month is self-sabotage, which in many ways, is the opposite of gratitude. Whereas self-sabotage is a descending spiral that holds us back, gratitude can lift us and build resilience even in the most trying times. Two people in similar circumstances can have entirely different experiences if one focuses on gratitude and the other does not. The uncertainty that we've faced in 2020 has triggered self-sabotage behaviors in excess, making the daily practice of gratitude especially important. Our team has been immensely grateful for the IX Community. Your connection to the Crystals and desire to expand consciousness worldwide has kept us inspired, motivated, and innovating. It is our deepest hope that you feel well supported and equipped for your spiritual journey of growth. We are here with you and for you.

Instituto Xilonen


Self-sabotage encompasses a wide range of behaviors, from the subtleties of negative self-talk to more overt behaviors such as procrastination, self-medication, or comfort eating. Sometimes these are conscious choices; others may be habitual patterns. All dampen our ability to expand consciousness.

The emotions and beliefs that underlie self-sabotage keep us stuck in a place that feels safe. If we repeat a behavior that gives the same outcome over and over, we feel in control. That’s fine if we are doing it to manifest our dreams and goals, such as practicing a high-dive to win an Olympic gold medal. But when we use a behavior as a distraction or an excuse, there’s a good chance we are self-sabotaging so that we don’t have to face an uncomfortable emotion.

Self-sabotage is often an accepted behavior gone awry. It’s not something we cause as much as it is something we allow. For example, eating is fuel for life, but when we eat to run away from problems to the point of inaction, we are likely using food for self-sabotage. Or if we are detail-oriented but take it to an extreme where perfectionism keeps us from completing a task for fear of judgment, then self-sabotage is probably at play.

One way to recognize self-sabotage is to observe our excuses. “No one appreciates me” can fuel over-working as we seek to prove our value. “Everyone always leaves me” can justify not opening up to the intimacy we crave. “Just one more drink” or cupcake or chocolate bar, can be a sign that we are hindering our ability to feel and be present. These situations have underlying anxiety that is begging for resolution so that we can move steadily toward what we truly desire.

Remember, even good change can feel uncomfortable. Anxiety and excitement are two very different emotions, yet both can cause a flutter in the stomach. If we’re used to feeling anxious, we may read that flutter as something we need to stop, when actually it is energy flowing with joy.

The next time you feel blocked from your goals or trapped in a pattern, take a moment to be curious. Is your behavior in line with your desires? Or is there an old protective pattern at play that is no longer relevant? Self-defeating behaviors are often caused by emotions or habits that helped us cope in a prior situation but are no longer necessary or appropriate. Once this realization occurs, we can shift. It might take some practice, but building the emotional muscle that enables us to respond to a situation instead of reacting from habitual self-sabotage is always worth the effort.


As we advance into November, the nights continue to get longer. Winter is coming and we can feel an energetic shift as we plunge further into the darkness that the coming season will bring.

As a concept, darkness is quite evocative and often associated with low or deep feelings of depression: despair, loneliness, or emptiness. Despite strongly disliking and maybe even hating these emotions, when they show up we often tend to sit and stew in them. We choose not to take steps to change our emotional state even though it’s uncomfortable to feel stuck. When we are in the darkness it can feel too difficult, maybe even impossible, to tap into our creativity and visualize the path forward. 

Living in the unknown can bring up deep-rooted, often subconscious fears for survival. Our protector parts show up and sabotage us, preferring we stick with the devil we know over the devil we don’t. This survival instinct is primal, it is stronger than feelings of despair and emptiness. If we want to move out of these low-resonance emotions, it can be helpful to first acknowledge that survival need, and then fact check it. Ask yourself if your life is actually in danger, or if you are just fearful of the unknown. Chances are, things are not actually as dire as your mind is telling you. From there, you can begin the journey out of the darkness.

In order to move out of a depressive state, it is imperative that we embrace where we are, and accept that the only way out is through. We must feel our feelings before we can heal from them and make a plan to deal with them. By offering ourselves this kindness, we create room to observe what brought us to this place. Alternatively, when we try to push away our emotions or judge ourselves for the way we feel, we simply perpetuate the state we are in. The beauty in acceptance is that when we stop fighting ourselves, there is space to hope and believe that things can be better. Only when we have tapped into that sense of hope can we take lasting steps into the light. Try setting small milestones to work towards. Choose something every day that brings you happiness or peace: meditating, connecting to mother earth, preparing a nourishing meal. 

Darkness however, can also be a wise advisor. When you are feeling despair, loneliness, emptiness, or other low-resonance emotions, journal daily. What you learn will provide a blueprint for the next chapter of self-discovery. 

Amy Saltsman, Amy Saltsman Coaching


The color red relates to our physical world and how we use energy to process everyday life events.

Author Daniel Briez writes, “The Red Frequency is the first degree in the manifestation of vital energy. It affects everything to do with material things: family, work, housework, management of time, money, budgeting, etc. This means that an imbalance in the Red Frequency corresponds to a rejection of material things, of all that makes up one’s daily life.”

Red is considered a fiery color, equated with passion and action. Some people are drawn to it; others find it forbidding or overpowering. Daniel states that the red frequency is disrupted when “we separate our social existence (material aspects) from our spiritual existence (our secret garden.)” He also says we disconnect from the stabilizing power of red when we feel that it is difficult to deal with the material world and exist on the earth. This can relate to our ability to earn money with ease, handle family struggles, raise low self-esteem, or overcome a general exhaustion with life.

Lack of red energy is a gateway for self-sabotage. If we don’t like our physical bodies, we are more likely to binge on unhealthy food or deny nurturing sleep. If we don’t feel hopeful about our jobs or chosen careers, it is easy to adopt a “why bother” attitude and expect the worst.

How can we use red as a supportive, balancing color – to build our love of life and day-to-day resiliency? Red affects the endocrine system. It activates adrenaline and can be used as a “shot in the arm” to get us moving. Wear red on the days you need a boost. Practice three minutes of gratitude for your material gifts, including the miraculous workings of the human body. Add a vase of red flowers to your kitchen counter. Or do something physical that always lifts you out of a funk, like belting out a favorite song or taking a power walk. As Daniel says, “An input of Red Frequency helps to energize the body and give it the lift it needs to fulfil certain tasks and recover the pleasure in doing so.”

Daniel Briez, author and lecturer, is the founder of the Colour Institute. He runs many chrome therapy courses in France and other countries. Designer of the Althearah brand of “Colour Perfumes,” his research has attracted the interest of scientists, members of the medical community and health care professions, and he has gained an international audience.


Soul Transformer

Fenix is the protector that encourages us to confront our shadow and dismantle the darkness that we fear.

Fenix is an extraordinary Black Tourmaline that stands at the IX entrance, ready to transmute any errant energies into balance. The spiritual powers of this impressive Crystal are further enhanced by the Mica infused throughout its structure. Fenix is grounding and comforting, radiating stability and strength for those on the path of expanded consciousness.

Fenix is a mighty ally. He relishes the transformative process, aware that on the other side of a dark night of the soul is the brilliant light of the sun. Fenix is masterful at seeing what blocks potential. He’s also a fearless companion during times of difficulty when one must let go of the known to embrace the hidden potential of the unknown.

When it comes to shifting the patterns of self-sabotage, Fenix is an excellent companion. He can see the big picture even when we are focused on the next tiny step. In this way, Fenix watches our back, holding space when we need to catch our breath and propelling us forward when we’re ready to take action. His focus is not on how change occurs, but simply that it does. Throughout the process, Fenix is a pillar of strength, emanating a sense of safety and empowerment.

About the Name Fenix
Fenix is the Spanish word for phoenix, the mythological bird that dives into the fire to be reborn from its ashes into a magnificent new form of flight. The phoenix appears throughout history in numerous religions and cultures, always with phenomenal powers for death and rebirth.

Message from Fenix
Transformation is about embracing a sense of wonder, even when the process of evolution becomes uncomfortable. Awakening occurs if you remain open, trusting that a new form of meaning and strength will rise from what no longer serves your well-being. Embody the phoenix energy and watch the cycle of death and rebirth become an exciting adventure for the soul.


Scorpio Season

November begins with the Scorpio Sun illuminating the depths of our psyches, inspiring us to dive deep in search of hidden treasure and all that prevents its retrieval. Scorpio, the sign of the deep subconscious and the reptile brain, governs our life force, sexuality and survival instincts, which keep us and the species alive, but when twisted by trauma, abuse, neglect and unhealthy parenting can lead to self-defeating patterns. Here at IX we are focusing on self-sabotage this month as we explore the shadow of survival patterns.

Scorpio rules sexuality, death and rebirth. It is the sign of transformation, and the only sign of the zodiac with three totems, the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. These three creatures symbolize the arc of alchemical transformation and the descent required before we can transform negative attributes, and rise from the ashes like the fabled bird of immortality.

The scorpion is the first phase of transformation when we are overtaken by difficult feelings or plunged into the darkness of loss, trauma, painful revelations, and the attendant feelings of anger, rage, sadness and hopelessness that can overcome us during such times. The scorpion also represents our shadow, which is comprised of disowned dark qualities like rage, jealousy, competitiveness, hatred, and other taboo feelings, as well as our golden shadow comprised of the sparkling gifts and talents that may have been threatening to our early caregivers or the culture we were raised in. Self-sabotage as a matter of survival will often occur if we get anywhere near what felt threatening to our survival or attachments in childhood. Usually our initiation into Scorpio’s depths involves painful feelings, and the awareness of compulsions or patterns we feel helpless to change being triggered.

The next phase is symbolized by the eagle and represents our desire and ability to begin working with the problem, often with a shamanic or trained therapist or guide. Mythologically a guide is generally advised when traveling through the dark, uncharted territory of the underworld in psychological terms, the unconscious. It has also been said that a problem cannot be solved at the level that created the problem. Therefore reaching up to the Higher Self, Divine Source and when needed, a trained healer who is not mired in the pattern we seek to heal, is most helpful.

After we have done the transformational work of making the unconscious conscious, we can rise from the ashes of former realities like the fabled phoenix, a regenerated creature who sings a song so haunting, that the Greek God Apollo would stop his Sun chariot to hear it.

As November begins we are already in the midst of an alchemical journey that began last month when the Sun and Mercury both started their journeys through Scorpio. Mercury the planet of conscious thought began his retrograde last month in Scorpio, initiating a deep and potentially dark retrospective through our personal and collective unconscious to illuminate the emotional patterns within us that require healing or integration.

Mercury will finish his retrograde on November 3rd when he stations direct in Libra, the sign before Scorpio, inspiring us to focus especially on unconscious emotional patterns that surface within our relationships. Self-sabotage behaviors within our personal or business relationships are a helpful indicator that we are called to do the depth work that Scorpio represents.

Reflect on inner or outer revelations that may have come to you since last month, and reflect on the insights that you may now want to act on in order to heal. We will have additional help with revelatory insights and the actions required to address them, as Mars, the ruler of Scorpio travels retrograde through the first half of November, providing the courage of the warrior to confront inner issues we need to heal especially regarding our self-concept.

On November thirteenth, Mars stations direct inspiring forward empowering action to heal, just in time for the New Moon in Scorpio two days later on the 15th. This New Moon is calling us into, or out of, the process of transformation, depending upon where we are in our transformational journey.

On November 21st, as Luna waxes toward fullness, Venus the planet of love and beauty enters Scorpio, inspiring us to love ourselves through the process of transformation and especially when confronting self- defeating patterns that we are ready to release, that have ultimately been trying to keep us safe. Venus will be calling us to a new depth of love on the very day that the Sun leaves Scorpio and rides his blazing chariot into Sagittarius to give us a higher perspective on all the depth work we are still engaged in.

On November 28th, visionary Neptune stations direct after months of retrograde travel, inviting us to bring higher love, immense compassion and a new vision to bear on the deep healing work we are engaged in. Keep in mind as we journey through this month of depth work, that in a struggle between the conscious and subconscious mind, the subconscious will always win, because it is wired to the survival brain. However strange and irrational our self-sabotaging behaviors may be, they are trying to protect us. It is wise and loving to take a spirit of curiosity and loving self-acceptance as we explore these patterns with a trained guide if needed.

On November 30th, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Mercury ruled Gemini will be assisting us in utterly releasing mental and emotional patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, after our Mercurial journey through the underworld. It’s a beautiful Full Moon to ask the Higher Mind and the Angelic realm, to assist us in releasing all mental, emotional and philosophical patterns and beliefs that have contributed to our self-sabotage, so we may be free to walk directly and joyfully toward our happiness, satisfaction and blissful success.

As you journey through this month of transformation, surround yourself with an intensity of color. Vibrant reds, magentas and carnelian oranges to power you for your transformational journey. Take the gorgeous butterfly and the flaming phoenix as your totems and align with their courage as they utterly let go of what they have been, step into the unknown, and transform into undreamed of beauty. Spend time with your most trusted friends who love you just as you are, and with whom you can be truly honest and vulnerable. Get help if you need it. There is no shame in seeking expert support. The best guides once emerged from the process you are embarking on in this month of transformation.

In Love and Solidarity on the healing path of transformation!

Demitra Vassiliadis, Heaven To Earth Astrology


Use this quote to connect with and amplify your best possible self.

Use this quote to connect with and amplify your best possible self.


The root chakra, the first chakra, is located at the bottom of the spine. It is the first chakra to develop in childhood and sets the stage for all expansion in life. This chakra represents our basic needs like safety and security. A strong root chakra creates a steady foundation for energy flow and ascension to the higher chakras. The root chakra is where we ground and connect to Earth, giving us vitality and life force to move forward in our journey of life. When the root chakra is balanced, we feel at ease, knowing we have all that we need in order to live in harmony and abundance.


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Peggy Dulany is an IX Keeper, philanthropist, and the Chair of Synergos, a global organization that helps to solve complex issues with a heart-centered and innovative bridge-building approach.


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Vianney Bringas is the Resident Crystal Metaphysician of Instituto Xilonen. From the time the Crystals arrive at Instituto Xilonen, Vianney is charged with their proper handling, programming and safekeeping. She designs rituals and conducts workshops on their use and care. She aims to share her extensive knowledge of spiritual practices with Instituto Xilonen’s clients, crafting individualized programs that will help each client achieve their own unique higher consciousness. Learn how to create your own healing Crystal grid with Resident Crystal Metaphysician, Vianney.

Vianney Bringas is the Resident Crystal Metaphysician of Instituto Xilonen. From the time the Crystals arrive at Instituto Xilonen, Vianney is charged with their proper handling, programming and safekeeping. She designs rituals and conducts workshops on their use and care. She aims to share her extensive knowledge of spiritual practices with Instituto Xilonen’s clients, crafting individualized programs that will help each client achieve their own unique higher consciousness. Learn how to create your own healing Crystal grid with Resident Crystal Metaphysician, Vianney.