Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

As the glorious sun opens her arms to the heart of summer, she invites us to open ourselves as well.

Think of gathering seashells during a walk on a beach. With each shell we choose, we stop to admire its magnificence. The shell faced challenges, yet can still touch our hearts with its innate beauty because it expanded beyond its original form.

We are like these shells, too. When we look within at all of our gifts, it’s easy to see how much we have expanded. Through the twists and turns in life, we are still here, growing, changing, and giving, because this is how we raise consciousness – by making more space for it to live within us.

As our beautiful Crystal, Alma, says, “It is a powerful time for inner work.” May the month of August propel you into further awakening and balance.

It is our greatest hope that this issue of The Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your body, mind, and spirit on your journey of growth. We are here, with you and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


About the Name

The name “Alma” is adapted from the Latin word meaning kind, fostering, and nourishing. In German, it means brave and diligent.

About the Crystal

Alma is a free-form Citrine Crystal. The vibrant beauty of Citrine has made it widely loved and used throughout history. Its name comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon.

Citrine is an excellent stone for magnifying self-esteem and confidence. With its bright, sunny frequency, Citrine helps to calm fears and clear doubts so that we can release the thoughts and patterns that dull our inner light. With illumination comes a stronger connection to the wise guidance of our higher self, where our soul is stirred into action to transform dreams into reality.

Message from Alma

“It is a powerful time for inner work – a time to remember, explore, expand, and mature so that you can move through the world with your masculine and feminine energies in balance.

“The inner work leads to the questions that build your identity. Who are you? What do you want to do? How do you want to dress? Who do you love? How do you love? What does LIFE mean to you….?

“I invite you to work with me, individually and collectively, to awaken the expansive weaver goddess within your identity. Because amid the elegance of your nature, you can expand in depth and in value when the inner goddess of love and creativity is woven into every aspect of your being.

“The world needs to heal in this particular aspect. Your dreams expand with your creativity. There is no need to have more, or do more.”

Affirmations from Alma

“I gather my gifts and expand with love.”
“I move through the world in balance with my masculine and feminine energies.”
“I awaken the creative weaver goddess within.”


As we recognize, honor, and expand our gifts, Crystals can help us amplify our love and move it back into the world.


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By Demitra Vassiliadis

August sails in on rays of solar light as the Sun enjoys his annual visit to his home sign of Leo, where he awakens love, courage, and generosity of spirit.

At IX, we celebrate the regal qualities of the Sun, the heavenly body that gives us the capacity to rise and shine like the stars we are meant to be. It’s a stellar month to expand our radiance and the gorgeous solar qualities that call us to share our gifts, love, and talent, like beams of light racing from heaven to bless the Earth.

The month begins on a growing Lunar cycle that started in late July, where the New Moon was in Leo to inspire fertile creative action and the pursuit of our heart’s true bliss. Now, with the Leo Sun, our hearts are illuminated, reminding us that love is meant to be shared and magically increases when given away. Mercury is also in Leo as August commences, encouraging our most brilliant, creative thinking.

On August 4th, Mercury glides into Virgo to clarify our thinking and awaken our intellectual and analytical brilliance. Meanwhile, lovely Venus, in maternal, soulful Cancer, calls us to the shoreline of beauty where glistening sea shells and oceanic treasures await as soulful family connections beckon. 

On August 10th, Venus heads into Leo, encouraging our most golden and courageous expressions of love. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 12th amplifies this while illuminating our most heart-centered and loving commitments and reminding us again that our light is meant to be shared with our fellows.

Mars, the planet of action, spends most of the month in earthy, constructive Taurus, motivating us to harness our energy to the plow of productive material achievement. On August 20th, Mars heads into winged Gemini, to fuel the active pursuit of our best ideas and strategies. 

Even as the inner planets advance calling us to move ahead with plans, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all traveling retrograde inspiring deep, visionary and weighty reflection. 

On August 22nd, the Sun leaves generous Leo, and heads into pristine Virgo, to illuminate our skills and our desire to use them in the service of others.

On August 24th, evolutionary Uranus joins Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, and stations retrograde initiating months of review regarding changes and evolutionary leaps that we desire.

The New Moon in Virgo, on August 27th, invites us into a new lunar cycle of healing, acquisition of skills, and personal or professional refinement as the month winds down and the golden light of September beckons.

With Love and Blessings to All,

Demitra Vassiliadis
Heaven To Earth Astrology


By Demitra Vassiliadis

Each month, Demitra also writes the Celestial Crystal Calendar for IX, where she pairs significant planetary events with Crystals that amplify and balance the energies.

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Spiritual teacher, guru, psychologist, and author, Ram Dass, explores the different levels of who we are in this thought-provoking 11-minute video.


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