Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

In stillness, we connect with Source and experience who we really are.

In this month’s Compass, we are invited to literally lay down – to rest and allow our entire body to soak in the love and support that is always available from Mother Earth. We are also in summer, the season to fill ourselves with maximum light.

Light is needed for exploration. We can shine a light into our shadows and see what needs to be welcomed home and integrated into our consciousness. As we do, we expand into the higher version of ourselves that the world is calling us to become.

So this month, let’s experience “being” instead of only “doing.” Let’s be with Mother Earth and ourselves, for there is so much beauty to be discovered in stillness.

It is our deepest hope that this month’s Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your journey of growth to align your body, mind, and spirit. We are here, with you and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


About the Name
The name Horizon means where the earth and sky meet, where all possibilities exist.

About this Crystal
Horizon is a Citrine Crystal. The vibrant beauty of Citrine has made it widely loved and used throughout history. Its name comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon.

Citrine is an excellent stone for magnifying self-esteem and confidence. With its bright, sunny frequency, Citrine helps to calm fears and clear doubts so that we can release the thoughts and patterns that dull our inner light. With illumination comes a stronger connection to the wise guidance of our higher self, where our soul is stirred into action to transform dreams into reality.

Message from Horizon
“I am all things that have been created. I am all things concentrated in my small shell. I am what you have thought of, prepared for, wished for, asked for. I am past, present, and future in one. Use me to remember your power and the power of the Divine energies. Use me to remember your power is attached to the Divine power. Together we will feel and allow the gifts of the Horizon to be placed before you now. Stillness is a beautiful place to be. In the stillness, the creation of your soul dreams begin to pierce through your earth life. Quiet your body and your mind to allow my power to assist yours.”

Affirmations from Horizon
My power is connected to Divine power.
I welcome the gifts that come with stillness.
I invite Divine power to strengthen my dreams.


When we allow ourselves to rest, we invite our body, mind, and spirit to regain balance. Crystals can help us calibrate to this place of peace.


In this 11-minute video, Steven Washington invites us to use the mindful movements of Qigong to relax the body, ignite internal energy, and calm the mind.

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Explore the lost practice of “taking rest to start living again,” in this thought-provoking article by Joshua Becker.

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Author Michael Hyatt takes us through the process he used to develop the skill of doing nothing.

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By Demitra Vassiliadis

The Sun in maternal Cancer illuminates our most soulful needs in July, guiding us to nurture ourselves in body, mind and spirit. Though Mercury is finally out of retrograde, Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter and Neptune in visionary Pisces are still traveling retrograde, calling us inward to reflect and recharge as we revise our most expansive dreams and goals. Therefore here at IX, we have chosen to keep our focus this month on resting and allowing new expansion.

Cancer is in some ways the sign that most organically manifests expansion, as the sign of the expanding womb that manifests all life. Once the process of gestation is underway, the job of an expectant mother is to rest, relax and take impeccable care of herself, allowing the process within to unfold organically. We all engage in this process whenever we give birth to new ideas, projects, or conditions. While gestating this month, we need the rest that allows expansive change to occur. With so many retrograde planets, we may not have all of the relevant information yet, so allowing things to unfold as we entertain wonderful new possibilities is advisable.

The month begins with Mercury finally out of retrograde, but still in Gemini, in the opposite shadow of the retrograde until July 7th. This is an excellent time to make needed changes, repairs and course corrections that were indicated during Mercury’s retrograde. On July 11th, Mercury glides out of quicksilver Gemini and into soulful sensitive Cancer to nurture our emotional intelligence and need for tenderness and security on all levels.

Our creative energies will be beautifully engaged with Venus and Mars both in radiant creative Leo for much of July. It’s a stellar time to express ourselves in gorgeous works of art and courageous acts of love.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 9th calls us to explore new domestic beginnings as we commit to creating emotional and domestic security that supports our most empowering goals. Mid-month on the 17th, the Sun in soulful Cancer will oppose transformational Pluto, inspiring us to consider making empowering changes within and on the home front.

On July 22nd, the Sun sails into radiant Leo, the sign of the creative gold we have been gestating all month. The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23rd calls us to explore our true commitments and what really nurtures our hearts. On July 28th, Jupiter retrogrades out of visionary Pisces and back into liberating Aquarius till the end of the year. On the 29th, Mars in creative Leo will oppose expansive Jupiter in Aquarius, providing us with social and technical support to manifest our expanding creative dream with our expanding creative team! Till then, get plenty of rest, feed your soul, and allow new expansion to develop within you and around you, as you enjoy the nurturing beauty of July.

Blessings of Beauty and Bounty to All,

Demitra Vassiliadis
Heaven To Earth Astrology


In this four-minute meditation, IX Crystalogist Lynsey Erickson plays a crystal sound bowl attuned to the heart chakra to help us receive the deep restorative energy of Divine love.


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