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JULY 2020

Welcome to The Consciousness Compass This month we focus on self-actualization, which is the inner drive to fulfill our potential and purpose. Everyone has this drive to live with meaning.  Yet, many are blocked through circumstances beyond their control. The Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. is calling us to face systemic racism and acknowledge that many cannot fulfill their purpose because of conscious and unconscious choices made by us all. At IX, we are seeking opportunities to collaborate and partner with Black leaders in the wellness industry who are committed to addressing the psychological, emotional, and spiritual toll of centuries of institutionalized racism. We want to listen, learn, share practices and resources and amplify voices. We believe that the changes initiated by Black Lives Matter will begin a movement that will benefit all marginalized communities around the world. It is our deepest hope that you feel well supported and equipped for your spiritual journey of growth.  We are here with you, and for you. With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


When we begin walking the path of self-actualization, we start to embrace change as we no longer evade it. Rising to new horizons comes naturally to us. When we have a sense of belonging and integrity at our core, change becomes sacred and no longer intimidating; it becomes a journey of integrating our power with the freedom of exploring innovation.

Our world needs to leave behind the treasures of the past and instead bring the actualized vision of what we are becoming. The relevant question to ask is: Who do we want to be going forward?

Actualization uses past successes and failures to become strong and to transform crisis into opportunity, instead of attempting to cover our fragility.

Previously we worked with our self-confidence and created a life that has the courage to be filled with authentic freedom and joy. Now there is space to surpass what has been, in search for what will be. The key elements to pursue self-actualization through the beginning of this summer are expectation and anticipation. They both pursue the unknown future with hope, seeking truth as we come closer to our true self.

Once we discover what has become reluctant and often surprised by the astounding revelation, remember that no matter how bad it gets, no matter how good it becomes, we always seek and search for more love.


Working with Emotions: Transitional Emotions


Transcending is the simple act of moving from one emotion to another that is more useful and valuable. Most of us have been taught to judge emotions as “negative” or “positive.” We would like to offer a more neutral differentiation when it comes to authentically using and expressing all your emotions. Do not classify any emotion as good or bad. Negativity is only present when we suppress any of our emotions. All of our emotions need attention and intention in order to support us as we expand our consciousness.

This month we are focusing on working on transitional emotions like anger, guilt, and sadness. We classify these emotions as transitional because when worked with properly, they can be incredible generators of the energy needed for change. Many of us have been socialized to sublimate transitional emotions in order to return to what we believe is a healthier state of balance. When we expeditiously remove all traces of transitional emotions from our beings, we miss the opportunity to harness these emotions to expand our awareness. We would be wise to slow down and get curious when we find ourselves overcome by feelings of anger, guilt and sadness. At these moments, we can ask ourselves the following:

What limiting beliefs do I need to release in order to grow?

What choices can I make to fundamentally address the situation that triggered these transitional feelings?

How can I tap into this energy to expand my consciousness and create a better world for all?

Do not forget that when we work with any emotions, we must first feel with our hearts. Then we can use our minds to imagine solutions that bridge the undesired present with a desired future.


The color Green found in apples and anise represents the change from Yellow to Green. This is the path from the emotional plane to the energy of the heart, which is linked to the energy of love.

Green helps to rebalance the state of shock; its frequency releases the diaphragm blocked by emotional tension. If we have trouble controlling our ego and still try to control things, people, and events, this frequency releases tensions gently without having to “strike” the ego; it also helps us govern our relationship with others.

The vibratory frequency of Green can be compared to that of emerald, which helps us find our place in our own space. The byword for Green is the verb “dare.”

From the book, “Colour Perfumes, Perfumes for Health” by Daniel Briez.

Daniel Briez, author and lecturer, is the founder of the Colour Institute. He runs many chrome therapy courses in France and other countries. Designer of the Althearah brand of “Colour Perfumes,” his research has attracted the interest of scientists, members of the medical community and health care professions, and he has gained an international audience.


Actualization Seeker

The name Waikiki means “spouting water.”

This beautiful Clear Quartz is assisting us to find our own light and passion. As a grandmother Crystal, it reminds us that our soul is always present and therefore, we eventually have to come face to face with ourselves.

Grandmother Crystals are those linked to ancient mystical practices used by grandmothers over the centuries. In these Crystals, grandmothers have infused their spirit into the Crystal where it is held vibrationally as a consciousness to be used by those in the future.

Waikiki evokes us to remember that we came into this world with a lesson to learn and enough love and trusting capabilities to fulfill our dreams and ambitions.

For those who have forgotten, remember you are not alone. Waikiki connects us to our soul, and through this opening, we are guided and protected along our journey.

Waikiki motivates us by challenging our beliefs in order to move towards the expansion of our sense of value and joy. With the influence of an elder, Waikiki helps us tune into trust and wisdom, teaching us not to lose ourselves in the current moment, but rather to see the larger picture.

It is time to give birth to an actualized version of ourselves. It is time to discover our uniqueness. All possibilities are available when consciousness and choice are in place. More than ever, we have to be congruent with what we feel, think, and do.


Message from Waikiki

Our mind has the capacity to generate 50,000 thoughts per day, and so with this ability comes responsibility. Choosing how to respond to those thoughts and align them with how they make us feel could offer us to be more productive. Start by having an appreciation for what you have in this current moment; it might sound obvious, however, blaming others does not work. Each of us knows best if it is time to forgive ourselves and others, if we need to stop looking for validation outside ourselves, or if we need to become more conscious of our desires for the future.

The memories are the ones that we give time and space, as we choose what matters. Significant events allow change to become palpable. If you place attention upon them, our strength shines with more freedom.


The July Sun is illuminating the nurturing waters of Cancer, calling us to a fertile inner focus. At Instituto Xilonen, we are focusing on self-actualization this month, which always begins within.


We are nestled between two powerful eclipses as the month begins, both of which are unearthing feelings and emotional patterns that have prevented our self-actualization, along with the feelings fueled by true desire that will propel us forward to manifest our authentic selves, when the time is right. This month, like the crab, our astrological totem for the month, we are called into the safety of our shell to make friends with, and contain all of our feelings, and the needs they point to. This process is fundamental to our self-actualization which at first calls us inward to bear loving, maternal witness to all parts of ourselves so we can integrate them and emerge empowered.

The month begins as June did, on a wave of inward reflection, as the Sun and Mercury retrograde, both traveling through soulful Cancer, call us inward and homeward. Cancer, the sign of the crab, presides over home, family, ancestry, feelings, and all things maternal. Mercury traveling backward through this emotionally intelligent sign, is inspiring us to reflect on our feelings about the ideas, dreams, and conditions we long to incubate this month, to bring forth at a later time. Cancer presides over the past, and is very comfortable looking both backward and inward. This month we are called to reflect on personal, ancestral, national, and world history. It’s a beautiful time for nesting, family reunions and going within to cultivate the emotional security that allows us to feel deeply at home within ourselves. Mercury retrograde is also inspiring recovery, renovations, revisions and soulful self-care, and restoration.

In addition to Mercury traveling retrograde, this month Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are also traveling backward, inspiring a month of deep inner reflection and some epic restructuring of finances, businesses, dreams and long term goals. With so much retrograde energy we are called to avoid impulsive communication, actions and reactions. Instead it is time to deeply consider how we choose to respond to our feelings, circumstances and world events as a summer of inner and outer revelations continues to unfold.

July begins with Luna waxing toward the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn that will occur just after midnight on July 5th. This Full Moon concludes the growing cycle that began with last month’s powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer, that occurred the day after the summer solstice. The Capricorn Full Moon, which is conjunct the Sun of the United States (born on the 4th of July) will bring to light issues involving the father, corporations, CEO’s, business, finance, long term goals, family, ancestry and all things executive. As with any eclipse, we can expect more of the personal and collective shadow to be revealed. This Full Moon is especially charged due to the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn which is shaking the foundations and national structures of the world. It is an excellent Full Moon to breathe back our power and authority from any authority figures in our past or present to whom we surrendered it.

Mercury will station direct in Cancer on July 12th and we can begin to slowly advance revised ideas regarding home, family, and emotional security and all that we want to give birth to. We will be in the opposite shadow of Mercury’s retrograde from July 12th till July 26th, an excellent time to make revisions and changes that we are clear about.

July 20th brings a second New Moon in Cancer, called a double new moon, a rare occurrence which is giving us another New Moon in Cancer after the past two eclipses to take stock of inner and outer revelations and changes, and recalibrate accordingly. This New Moon offers us the opportunity of completing processes and integrating insights that began on the first Cancer New Moon back on June 21st.

On July 22nd, the Sun leaves the nurturing waters of Cancer, and heads into fiery Leo, inspiring us to express the feelings and advance the projects that we have been gestating. The energy will shift from inward and reflective, to expressive and passionate. Till then, pull in and restore. Spend time in or near water. Reconnect to home, roots and family. Surround yourself with oceanic soothing shades of blue and silver. Delight in sea shells, mother of pearl and moonstones, as the Universal Mother nurtures our emotional security, inspiring acts of self care that nurture the true needs of our beautiful souls.



The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is located at the center of our chest. It is driven by love and connection and is represented by the color green and the element of water.

The heart chakra is the center of our compassion. It resonates with our emotional perceptions that determine the quality of our lives.

Love is the most powerful energy for transforming. If we remember to love, we can easily transform less valuable emotions into more useful ones.

Self-actualization is key when working with our heart chakra, as we tend to cover our anger and hurt with stubbornness and defensiveness. Using love as your compass to explore, we can transmute stubbornness into determination, and defensiveness into openness.

Working with our heart chakra reminds us that we are always seeking to become more loving and to be more loved.


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This is a guided meditation with words, images, and music. As such, it can be used in a few different ways. Listen to it with your eyes open following the images on the screen, or try it with your eyes closed. Trust your intuition to lead you to the experience that will be most powerful for you.




We created the IX Private Session to ensure that you and your Crystal are a perfect match.



Vianney Bringas is the Resident Crystal Metaphysician of Instituto Xilonen. From the time the Crystals arrive at Instituto Xilonen, Vianney is charged with their proper handling, programming and safekeeping. She designs rituals and conducts workshops on their use and care. She aims to share her extensive knowledge of spiritual practices with Instituto Xilonen’s clients, crafting individualized programs that will help each client achieve their own unique higher consciousness. Learn how to create your own healing Crystal grid with Resident Crystal Metaphysician, Vianney.

Vianney Bringas is the Resident Crystal Metaphysician of Instituto Xilonen. From the time the Crystals arrive at Instituto Xilonen, Vianney is charged with their proper handling, programming and safekeeping. She designs rituals and conducts workshops on their use and care. She aims to share her extensive knowledge of spiritual practices with Instituto Xilonen’s clients, crafting individualized programs that will help each client achieve their own unique higher consciousness. Learn how to create your own healing Crystal grid with Resident Crystal Metaphysician, Vianney.