Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

In this month’s Compass, we are back in action, digging deep because the deeper we go, the more room we have to resurrect and bring in the light.

This process is called shadow work, which means looking at issues we’ve tucked away into our subconscious mind out of self-preservation. Bringing these quiet drivers of our lives into the light can be transformative.

We chose the Crystal, Jael, to be our guide for shadow work because of its unique combination of energies. The base is Amethyst, which creates a connection to Spirit where we can access the courage and wisdom needed to dig deep. The point is Smokey Quartz, which helps us to both ground and expand at the same time so that we can be curious while feeling safe and supported at every level.

It is our greatest hope that this month’s Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your body, mind, and spirit on your journey of growth. We are here, with you and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


About the Name
Jael is of Hebrew origin, related to a species of wild mountain goats. These animals are known for their remarkable endurance and climbing abilities on seemingly impossible terrain. In modern times, the name Jael means “to ascend.”

About this Crystal
This extraordinary Crystal is a synergistic blend of Amethyst and Smokey Quartz.

Amethyst helps consciousness flow to illuminate our inner landscape. The more we see and understand what drives us, the more we can create our lives with intention, aligned with Divine guidance. With Amethyst at its base, Jael emits a soothing sense of beauty, safety, and protection while inviting us into the expansive realm of Spirit.

Smokey Quartz has an affinity for both Earth and Spirit energies, moving easily between the two. This dynamic flow creates a sense of balance and support. Jael’s Smokey Quartz point leads us to explore and expand while staying grounded. In this way, we can feel both curious and safe while moving into the eye of any storm.

Message from Jael
“I stand so tall and proud and strong. I am multi-layered and have many components to my being. I am like you – so many different parts of me which come together in perfect symmetry. I have shadows, I have brilliance, I have light, I have power. I am you.

“Each of you has these parts of you. These parts come together to form a perfect you. Dive deep into your being to uncover and re-discover the parts of you that you have forgotten to allow to be seen and heard and understood and appreciated. Dive and play in your inner being and find the creative parts of you. I will help you. I will draw out the parts of you that are ready to play in the light. I will encourage you to love ALL the parts of you. All of the parts of you make the glorious being that you Divinely are.

“Be Divine. Go to your core and see the depth you have. Stop spending and wasting your time feeling that you are not enough. You have so many beautiful parts of you, as do I, that we will always have something to marvel at and create with. Gaze upon me and see the beauty that I carry. Follow your thoughts to your inner being and feel how much beauty you have. Together we travel to your discovery. I am love. I am you.”

Affirmations from Jael
“I have shadows, I have brilliance, I have light, I have power.”
“I allow myself to play in the light.”
“I am beauty. I am love.”


When we dig deep, we open ourselves to the process of discovery. Crystals can provide us with stability and support during these courageous soul adventures.


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By Demitra Vassiliadis

August begins with the Sun and Mercury traveling through Leo, the sign of the heart and the mighty love that fuels acts of courage, passion and authentic self-expression. While the Leo season is usually a time for extroversion and brave action, this August executive Saturn and massive Jupiter are both retrograde in Aquarius, Leo’s opposite sign, inspiring a weighty inner focus, calling us to dig deeper and explore our true desires and anything preventing us from pursuing them. Pluto, the planet of emotional depths, is also still retrograde in Capricorn, calling us to an in-depth review of our changing commitments, while Neptune retrograde in visionary Pisces calls us to another month of sacred vision quest. Therefore here at IX, we are focusing on digging deeper this month to connect with the inner gold of our heart’s true passion, as we make healing adjustments that will support our healing, and empowered resurrection when our inner work is done.

While the Leo Sun and Mercury will be spotlighting our heart’s true desires, Venus and Mars will be on hand to help us make necessary practical and healing adjustments as they travel through pristine Virgo. Together they assist us with the healing of relationship patterns, self-worth and bodily or environmental health. The New Moon in Leo on August 8th, opposed by Saturn, opens a portal to powerful radiant energy that strengthens our commitment to go for the inner gold, awakening our power and courage to heal, transform and express ourselves. On August 11th, Mercury heads into Virgo the sign of his exaltation, to awaken our diagnostic intelligence and the discernment required for true healing and practical progress.

On August 16th, Venus heads into Libra, her exquisite home sign, to nurture our inner peace, poise and balance. This balance will be needed on the 18th when evolutionary Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus and sudden change is in the air, especially regarding our values and relationship to the material world.

On August 22nd, the second Full Moon in Aquarius for the year brings issues of personal and collective liberation to Light, illuminating our true happiness and anything blocking its pursuit. Later that evening, the Sun leaves golden Leo for the year and heads into practical Virgo, where Mars is still traveling, putting the solar spotlight on healing, cleansing, decluttering and focusing on small details that support greater things.

The month ends on a waning lunar cycle as the Sun travels through Virgo, inspiring us to release inner blocks and outer clutter that stand in the way of our health, happiness and blissful fulfillment. It’s a perfect time to clear the path that leads to our inspired dreams. On August 30th, Mercury joins lovely Venus in Libra, nurturing our mental and emotional peace and balance after a month of deep inner alchemy and transformation.

May the Leo Sun light the path to your heart and the golden treasure that awaits you there.

With Love,

Demitra Vassiliadis
Heaven To Earth Astrology


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