Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

As summer comes to a close and we shift from vacation mode back to school and work, we come to a natural point for reflection. What can we bring forth from the first part of the year that will make the next four months extraordinary?  

The gorgeous IX Crystal for this month is named Earth. In her message, she teaches us the importance of expanding our point of view, to see with fresh eyes and an open heart, for when we do, we create an opportunity for discovery.

So, in September, let’s use the gifts of the past to see into the future with a new perspective. The change of seasons is upon us. If we take it as a new beginning, anything can happen.

It is our greatest hope that this issue of The Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your body, mind, and spirit on your journey of growth. We are here, with you and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


About the Name

This Crystal honors our magnificent Earth, with all of her beauty, diversity, and complexities. The name “earth” comes from Old English and German words, which mean “the ground.”

About the Crystal

Earth is a Clear Quartz Crystal with Chlorite Phantoms.

Clear Quartz is known as the “stone of light,” amplifying our connection to Source energy. Chlorite is believed to carry the heartbeat of the Earth. The unique phantom formations represent the many phases of life, reminding us that another stage of expansion awaits beyond any perceived blockages or limitations.

When Clear Quartz is found with Chlorite Phantoms, the properties of each are blended and expanded. This type of Crystal helps us connect with higher realms to access wisdom about our life’s path and progression. At the same time, it gently heals and nourishes the emotional and physical body with a grounded, heart-centered universal energy that awakens love, self-healing, and regeneration. For those who are ready to do the courageous work of transformation, this Crystal provides healing, guidance, and enlightenment.

Message from Earth

“I am magical. I am an illusion. I show how things can be seen in new ways and manners.

“We all see situations and images through our own individual lens. I am the magic that allows one to see things in multiple dimensions. The Earth is like this. Nothing is simple. It is all complex. We are all complex and beautifully creating new ideas, feelings, and beliefs.

“Work with me to allow yourself to see things on a grander and wider scale. This will improve your wisdom. Let’s create magic together and bring wisdom and life into our hearts. This is a joyous process.”

Affirmations from Earth

“I joyously see in new ways and manners.”
“I use the magic of my complexity to create new ideas, feelings, and beliefs.”
“By seeing things on a wider scale, I bring wisdom and life into my heart.”


Every time we expand our vision, we create a fresh start. Crystals can help us see and manifest new directions in our lives.


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By Demitra Vassiliadis

September glides in on waves of golden light to lovingly nurture seeds of intention, as the Virgo Sun illuminates our analytical intelligence and capacity for choosing wisely.

The month begins with Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, and Pluto all traveling retrograde, to be joined by Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, on September 10th. With so many planets retrograde, this September is a time of deep, intelligent, and visionary reflection.

We are being asked to weigh our options carefully and call on Virgo’s legendary discernment to help us see with fresh eyes as we determine our best path forward. The fertile growing cycle that began in late August with the New Moon in Virgo encourages us to decide what we must plant, weed, or transplant to manifest the visions that truly call to us.

Executive Saturn and powerful Pluto in responsible Capricorn draw us inward to reflect on maturity and wisdom as we select the seeds for long-term happiness. Gorgeous Venus heads into botanical Virgo on the 5th to inspire the planting and cultivation of what we love, treasure, and find most beautiful. Here at IX, we will be revisiting our loftiest desires to plant and nurture with intention, love, and devotion over the next few weeks.

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th, traveling with visionary Neptune, illuminates our divinely inspired dreams as the Virgo Sun encourages steady, practical, incremental action to achieve our ideals. As Luna wanes over the following two weeks, it is an excellent time to organize the garden of our visions, weeding out what no longer applies, fertilizing or turning the soil, and pruning what has become overgrown and unruly as we prepare for the change of seasons.

On September 22nd, the Sun leaves healing, botanical Virgo and glides into beautiful, balanced Libra for the Autumnal Equinox and Autumn officially begins. It’s a powerful day to cultivate and commit to inner peace, outer poise, and an Autumn of harmonious, exquisite collaboration.

The following day, on September 23rd, Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, leaves beautiful, balanced Libra and backs into discerning Virgo for the rest of the month. It’s a perfect time for fall cleaning and decluttering on all levels as we prepare for the Libra New Moon on September 25th. This dynamic New Moon calls us into creative, romantic, and work collaborations ready to be actively advanced with wisdom, love, and light.

On September 29th, gorgeous Venus, the planet of beauty and love, steps into balanced Libra, one of her home signs, to nurture beauty, harmony, and balance within all of our relationships as we sail into October.

With Love and Blessings to All,

Demitra Vassiliadis
Heaven To Earth Astrology


By Demitra Vassiliadis

Each month, Demitra also writes the Celestial Crystal Calendar for IX, where she pairs significant planetary events with Crystals that amplify and balance the energies.

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