Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

Our theme for this month’s Consciousness Compass is green growth.

Green is the color of spring, of hope, and the heart chakra. Being green means living in harmony with the earth. It means knowing when we need to renew ourselves through self-care and how to live conscientiously.

Like the green shoot of a flower stem pushing up from a seed into the earth above, growth means fulfilling our purpose as human beings. It means taking a leap of faith, a risk, to reach for the future and become the self we envision. Growth isn’t about courage as much as allowing Spirit to be an ever-present companion and guide.

Begin the journey by inviting Spirit to guide you to the Crystal that can amplify and quicken your experience of green growth. Let’s make March the month we jump over the norm and open to the energies of something greater.

It is our deepest hope that this month’s Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your journey of growth to align your body, mind, and spirit. We are here with you, and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


About the Name
The name Casper comes from the Chaldean Catholic word meaning “treasurer.”

About Aquamarine
Aquamarine is known as the “stone of courage.” It connects the energy flow between the heart and the throat, so you can speak your truth from a heartfelt place. Aquamarine connects you to your innate wisdom, so when you are making important decisions, your choices will be aligned towards the highest good.

Message from Casper
I am courage. I am expansion. I am purpose. I am strength. I am transparent. I am depth. I am all of these things, but most importantly, I am an awakening to the light, a call to become lighter. Many things can be accomplished with ease when you dwell in the light, and in lightness. I can help you see higher-producing solutions to heavy problems. I give strength to help with the desire to be lighter and to attune and align with the power of love. All situations on the earth plane are begging for light and love. In the light, one can reach effortlessly and easily towards the highest light, to God.

I ask you to ride with me to higher light and kinder vibrations. Fly with me to spread love. I ask in return that you extend and emit your love to others, and to this beautiful planet Earth and Mother Nature. See her beauty. Feel her strength. Persevere to push away unhealthy and unsatisfying thoughts and feelings. Be with me as we reach up to light and joy.


Our body, mind and spirit can grow and expand like the rings within a tree.Crystals can help amplify that connection by raising our vibrations.


Drinking green juice is one way to infuse our bodies with a burst of green growth.

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Seeds can be deceiving. While they may appear lifeless, they are actually the root of all life! In the spring, dormant seeds awaken and new life emerges. It sounds simple, natural, even poetic, and it is. However, the process is also challenging and requires an alchemy of timing and circumstance.

With us, as in nature, new growth is about more than one thing. It can be excruciatingly painful to sit in the unknown and at the same time exhilarating to experience newness. Imagine the feeling of starting a new job, going on a first date, or saying goodbye to a loved one who has been suffering, and you can immediately understand how more than one feeling can be true at once. There is growth in each of those examples, whether you asked for it or not. This past year has thrust growth on us in ways we did not ask for. It has forced us to test our limits, challenge the status quo, and stretch ourselves in ways we never thought possible. Each one of us experienced our own growing pains and silver linings this past year. Take a moment to consider yours.

From this, one thing is abundantly clear. You are resilient. Your ability to push yourself outside your comfort zone and survive is a crucial lesson in your ability to grow. Spring is a time filled with the buzzing energy of hope and possibility. Armed with this newly established strength, what if you elected to awaken a dormant seed of potential within you? What new seeds of growth are now within you, waiting to come to life?

A ritual planting:
Take a moment to slow down your breath and close your eyes. Turn your awareness inward and ask yourself what is ready and waiting to take root. Try not to overthink this, let it be the first thing that appears in your mind’s eye.

Let the seed take shape. What does it look like? Feel like? What is its shape, color, and size? What are the conditions this seed needs to grow?

Now imagine planting this seed in those conditions. How can you commit to providing this growth environment? What intentions must you set and what will you do when the circumstances change? Name the intentions, write them down.

Using crystals to deepen your ritual:
Aquamarine is a potent crystal, connected to the water element. Water is crucial to life and no seed can grow without it. It is also a stone of courage and intuition. Place your intention for growth into an aquamarine crystal, keep it close, and use it as a catalyst for intuitive and intentional growth.

Other crystals that aid in growth:
Spirit: Green or Red Aventurine
Body: Crocoite, Fire Opal
Mind: Chrysoprase, Pyromorphite

By Amy Saltsman, Amy Saltsman Coaching


All forms of nature can act as a conduit to Spirit because everything comes from the same Creator. We are connected in ways seen and unseen, whether we are a human, Crystal, plant, tree, animal, microbe, or an element. When we couple our intuition with our power of observation, we can find wisdom all around us, ready to support and guide our growth.

This month, as a companion to our Crystal work, we introduce an animal spirit – the grasshopper.

Grasshopper made itself known when pondering our theme for March. What better way to explore green growth than to partner with an insect that lives where green plants sprout and grow?

Fossils show that grasshoppers descended from ancestors that predated dinosaurs. Their vast historical knowledge leads to a spiritual meaning that varies with each culture. In China, grasshoppers have been associated with good luck and abundance. In Japan, they are celebrated for their song. In ancient Greece, grasshoppers symbolized status and authority.

However, one message is consistent across every culture. When grasshopper shows up, it’s time to take a leap of faith – to jump over any perceived hurdles to land in the great mystery where everything is possible.

Think about how a grasshopper moves. It pushes off from the earth with each powerful jump, disrupting the ground beneath its feet just enough to invite a green sprout to push through. Grasshopper can only go forward, moving with confidence and conviction as it bounds into its future.

In The Spirit Animal Oracle, author Colette Baron-Reid writes, “When Grasshopper Spirit appears, it is a fortuitous time to take a leap into the unknown, for Grasshopper Spirit represents the innovative spirit that says, ‘Why not?’ and has faith in the powers of co-creation.”

Living in a co-creative way with the Universe is where the magic happens. It’s where we use our intention to set a course and then let go to trust Spirit’s guidance as we take the next right action. When we stay flexible and open to the path that unfolds, and keep moving forward, life becomes a joyous adventure.

An animal spirit can also show up to help us understand where we may be off-track. In the book Animal-Speak, author Ted Andrews says, “Sometimes grasshopper can show up if we are not listening or if we are afraid to make the leap off our mound. Many times such fears have to do with the fact that ‘no one else has done it this way.’ Grasshopper people have to learn to make new leaps. Life only becomes difficult when they refuse to move.”

Remember, grasshopper has a direct link to Spirit and offers its unique perspective as a gift. This month, let the wisdom of grasshopper support you as you make your own leap of faith toward a dream and begin the adventure of green growth.

By Beth Larsen


By Demitra Vassiliadis

March begins in the final shadow of Mercury’s recent retrograde that ended on February 20th. This is the period when Mercury advances over the degrees of the sign he just travelled retrograde over, calling us to make needed repairs and adjustments that the retrograde revealed. The return shadow will end on March 13th, just in time for the New Moon in Pisces, when the last New Moon of winter begins the lunar cycle that will carry us into the verdant spring. Till then we are emerging from a weighty, powerful Mercury retrograde, that had us reviewing our biggest loves, ideas, collaborations and commitments.

The Pisces Sun will now help us to further explore our true desires, as he glides through the sign of dreams and visions. This month our sacred dreams call to us, inviting us to consider all that we truly wish to grow, as spring approaches. Here at IX we are placing the fertile focus on the green growth that represents our vitality, health, and the joy of living that comes from planting and tending the seeds of our mental, spiritual and material bliss as we glide through the visionary waters of our dreams, toward awaiting spring, when seeds begin to sprout.

March begins with the Sun and lovely Venus traveling through Pisces the sign that Venus is exalted in. Together they are calling us to a Higher Love, a deeper compassion and a greater capacity to forgive, release, and clear the way for new life, as winter approaches its end. The Pisces Sun and Venus will be joining oceanic Neptune, the planet of spirituality and imagination, calling us to envision all that we wish to dream up in the coming season. It is a great month to both let go of whatever stands in the way of our desired vision, and to use the potent faculty of imagination to draw up the blueprints of our dreams. If we are unclear about our vision, it’s time to do some meditative vision questing or vision mapping. We can also begin with the basics and imagine what most people universally desire: radiant health, supportive community, loving relationships, fiscal prosperity and all manner of fulfillment.

The New Moon in spiritual Pisces on March 13th traveling with visionary Neptune and lovely Venus, will begin a fertile new cycle to connect us with our dreams and through our spiritual practice with their Sacred Source. This lunar cycle is perfect for planting the seeds of the dreams we will be tending when spring begins on March 20th, the vernal equinox, when the Sun heads into Aries, and the indomitable power of spring sets the green world growing once again. This Pisces New Moon reminds us that all we intend to manifest and grow this spring begins in the imagination.

The Full Moon in Libra on March 28th, illuminates our fertile relationships, calling us to nurture the fair, reciprocal partnerships that align with the sprouting seeds of the gorgeous green growth that will soon be blossoming in our lives.

With Love,

Demitra Vassiliadis, Heaven To Earth Astrology


This month’s meditation explores the astounding beauty that can bloom when green growth is encouraged.


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