Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

As the dawn of a new year breaks, it calls us to delve deeper within ourselves, to touch the core of our essence. Just as Mother Earth commits tirelessly to nourishing all that resides upon her, we, too, find commitment in becoming the finest version of ourselves. Every breath, every heartbeat, every thought serves a grander purpose. In this lifetime, rooted with a profound reverence for the Earth plane, it becomes our mantra. Let us begin this year by promising to grow, serve, and evolve, nurturing the consciousness that unites us all.

With Love and Light,

Mayra Hernández GonzálezCo-Founder

Energetic Guidance



At the core of this remarkable masterpiece resides Clear Quartz, a Crystalline symbol of clarity and divine energy. Its transparent luminosity, evoking purity and enlightenment, radiates an energy that resonates deeply. With each luminous facet, Clear Quartz amplifies the surrounding vibrations, acting as a prism that leads one towards illumination and profound insights, aiding in the conquest of life’s formidable challenges.

Visual Meditation


We created the IX Signature Session to ensure that you and your Crystal are a perfect match.

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