Dear Seekers and IX Keepers,

As we approach the end of the year, we find ourselves enveloped in an energy that pulls us inward to prayer, to the quiet within where all answers lie. Our IX Crystal Famke reminds us of this abundant knowledge when she says, “I have the love and the flow of the entire Universe swirling through me.”

When we pray, our internal force strengthens. Our external force strengthens too, for energy always seeks a state of equilibrium. As we access guidance, wisdom, and nurturing fuel from within, we build power that also propels us outward into a higher cycle of vibration and a greater capacity for love.

This month, let us open to the transformative energies of fall with prayers that are plentiful and focused. Together let’s create an extended flow of love, compassion, kindness, and gratitude from our hearts to all beings on Earth.

It is our greatest hope that this issue of The Compass nourishes your consciousness with inspiration and content designed for your body, mind, and spirit on your journey of growth. We are here, with you and for you.

With Love and Light,

Instituto Xilonen


About the Name
Famke is of Dutch origin and means “little girl.”

About the Crystal
Famke is a Clear Quartz Crystal in a Sheet Quartz formation.

Clear Quartz has been used throughout history as a teacher, healer, and source of sacred power. Lemuria and Atlantis were said to have used Clear Quartz to store information. In the Middle Ages, the Greeks, Romans, and Crusaders shared legends of clear Crystal balls with special powers. The Egyptian King Tut requested Crystals be placed in his tomb to accompany him into the afterlife. And the Inca believed Quartz was a gift from the ancestors housing memories of cosmic origins.

Clear Quartz is the “stone of light.” It amplifies the connection between the physical and the universal energy of Spirit, reminding us that we are always connected. Clear Quartz can absorb, store, release, and regulate energy. It is excellent for clearing blocks that keep us from the clarity of higher truth. Clear Quartz is considered one of the most powerful stones, able to help replenish a state of bliss and harmony to all who wear, work, pray, and meditate with it.

Message from Famke
“I am Famke, and I have the love and the flow of the entire Universe swirling through me. I am so many things. I am guidance. I am direction. I am access to your innermost thoughts and desires and bring you to the point of extraction. Together we will bring to the surface what your deeper purpose is.

“It is time for all of us to be knowing and living our true Divine purpose. Look deep inside of me and look deep inside of you to see the layers of beauty and strength within us. I have many many places to dwell. I have many places to share my shine. Come sit with me in silence and feel your heart open. Share this open heart. It is time to share love and understanding to all who see you. Share this joy and this happiness that is within you. You will love the feeling. You will love you.”

Affirmations from Famke
“I sit in silence and feel my heart open.”
“I access my innermost thoughts and desires through prayer.”
“I share the joy and happiness within me.”


Through prayer, we can access our innermost truths and desires. Crystals can provide strength, support, and clarity for this exploration.


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By Demitra Vassiliadis

November glides in on the waxing lunar cycle that began with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio late last month. It will culminate on the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in earthy Taurus on the 8th of November. We enter the month continuing to transmute all that the eclipse corridor leaves us to refine, like spiritual alchemists seeking transcendental gold.

Both eclipses are informed by Venus, illuminating unresolved issues that surround love, self-worth, finances, and values, unearthing sadness, grief, feelings of abandonment, worthlessness, and even hatred. These feelings are the shadow of love and require acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness as we advance through the process of alchemy to turn hate back into love. We are not required to accomplish such a feat with our unaided will but can call upon The Divine Alchemist to aid us in the process. Therefore here at IX, we are focusing on bowing our heads and praying for assistance as we seek to transmute hate back into love and the base metals of the soul into sparkling, incorruptible gold.

The first week of the month is a fertile time for deep inner healing, advancing mergers, and attending to the relationships we feel called to deepen. The planets support a more grounded sense of embodiment and a deeper connection to ourselves and those we love and want to collaborate with. On November 8th, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, traveling with the evolutionary Uranus, illuminates issues of self-worth, embodiment, and a more conscious relationship to prosperity and our precious self-worth, as well as all that has blocked us from either. We can now take quantum leaps to free ourselves from what has bound us, hand in hand with our Higher Self.

After the Full Moon, we can begin to assimilate the lessons of both eclipses and through prayer, blessings, and devotional practices, continue to release any residual negativity brought up during this intense lunar cycle. On November 16th, we will have a beautiful boost when Venus leaves transformational Scorpio and heads into jovial, optimistic, faithful Sagittarius, inviting us to cultivate Universal Love and a spirit of generosity. Venus leads us along pathways of prayer and devotion, delighting in many cultural approaches to connecting with Divine Love and Grace. 

On the 17th, Mercury, the planetary messenger, joins Venus in optimistic Sagittarius, and our minds get a reprieve from the depths and soar to new heights of understanding. Venus and Mercury will be uplifting us, keeping us grateful, optimistic, and filled with good cheer. On November 22nd, the radiant Sun rides his chariot into Sagittarius and illuminates the path to faith, joy, optimism, abundance, and angelic guidance, as the shadows of the eclipse recede.

On November 24th, mighty Jupiter, the planet of faith, prayer, optimism, opportunity, and largess stations direct in spiritual Pisces, just in time to bless us with waves of inspired vision, compassion, and Heavenly Grace for the New Moon in Sagittarius. This begins a beautiful season of grace and gratitude just in time for Thanksgiving. We end the month traveling the path of joyous destiny, guided by our angels with prayers of gratitude in our hearts and songs of joy on our lips.

With Love and Blessings to All,

Demitra Vassiliadis
Heaven To Earth Astrology


By Demitra Vassiliadis

Each month, Demitra also writes the Celestial Crystal Calendar for IX, where she pairs significant planetary events with Crystals that amplify and balance the energies.

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